Aztec Gold: Discover the Mysteries of Antiquity

The fate of the Aztec empire is a small episode in world history. But the events of the past centuries still excite the imagination of contemporaries: countless treasures, the ancient temple city and the pyramids with grand panoramas opening from the peaks. Based on this theme, Aztec Gold slot was created, this is a video slot with five reels and the 21st playing line, the number of active lines is from 1 to 21.

Unique Slot Machine Symbols

Scatter symbol Phoenix. Winning conditions: three or more phoenix pictures, which can be located even on a non-playing line.

Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Pyramid and appearing only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. The symbols make up winning combinations that must meet certain conditions:

  • on the playing line are identical characters from the first reel from left to right
  • the highest combination on the line is paid;

The win on the line is added to the sum of the winnings on the scatters.

Aztec Gold Bonus Game

With the image on the reels of 3 or more Pyramid symbols, the bonus game Pyramid Bonus opens. With the help of the Hold 1 button you have 3 chances to choose a pyramid, and with the help of the Hold 5 button you can pick up the winnings. If the diamond pyramid opens, you will receive a Diamond Bonus and the opportunity to get the maximum prize. On the screen of 5 rows in each of the 5 cells there are prizes, you need to select one cell in each line, and the rest will open themselves, the choice is yours. In the bonus game, the Cobra symbol stops the game. And the maximum prize is the symbol of the Golden Dragon.